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On May 6th, first day of a new Build Conference took place. In this story, you can find the Keynote’s summary.

Azure Speech Service

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Many people consider chatbots to be the fourth application platform. At the beginning there were Desktop Applications where people interacted with heavy mainframes or databases on premises. Web 2.0 changed the development paradigm. Everything was turned into Web Application, so users were able to access applications without needing to install more than a browser. Following that, with the evolution of cell phones and tablets, people now have the ability to access their applications everywhere, bringing the Mobile Application paradigm, allowing people to access information from anywhere. …

A few days ago, twitter was shocked with a message from Alex Kipman (technical fellow of Hololens program and the Mixed Reality platform). There was included a video where, at first sight, we can see nothing clear about any product or specific information, only a day 2/24/2019: date when the Mobile World Conference takes place in Barcelona Madrid and there Microsoft has some keynotes in the agenda. All the expectations are in a new version for Microsoft Hololens. The actual version of the headset released on March 2016.

All the Mixed Reality community would bet the video, with elegant device…

Yesterday was the second day of the Microsoft Build 2018 conference. In this post, you can find the Keynote’s summary.

Keynote was splitted into four main topics:


TimeLine at Microsoft Launcher

Yesterday was the first day of the Microsoft Build 2018 conference. In this post, you can find the Keynote’s summary.

Azure IoT Edge

In this story, I continue showing you how to use the Spatial Understanding module to query your room for walls and horizontal surfaces other than the floor and the ceiling and place some holograms there using what we the learned from last story from this series.

In the previous episode…

This post assume that you come from the first part. If you don’t, please take a look here to get familiar.

… we allow the user to start the scan and request the finish making the Air Tap gesture and then we query the floor scanned for a minimum amount of space to position…

In this story, I will show how to use your HoloLens to scan your room and place a hologram in an empty space in the floor.


Spatial Mapping vs Spatial Understanding

Spatial Mapping

The main goal of this module is to detect solid surfaces in your room and transform them into a solid object which a GameObject (holograms) can interact…

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